The lingering Kenya -Somalia dispute case

Kenya-Somalia dispute case

The lingering Kenya -Somalia dispute case

The planned international arbitration to settle the dispute between Kenya and Somalia over the maritime border between these two countries could be delayed again.

The International Court of Justice (MTS), based in the Netherlands, has postponed the case, but now the group in Kenya is asking the country’s courts to prevent government officials from attending the court in The Hague, which is due to examine evidence next month.

The petitioners call on the Kenyan Supreme Court to prohibit officials from attending the hearing. They argue that a verdict in favor of Somalia would cause constitutional problems.

Their case is that any change to the Kenyan territory requires a referendum.

Kenya and Somalia are making reciprocal claims regarding their coastal frontier, a region rich in oil and gas resources.

The case closed before the International Court of Justice because both countries had failed to reach a legal agreement on the location of their maritime border.

It is reported that a court in the Netherlands wants both countries to explain why a planned hearing may be adjourned.

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