Transport in Hong Kong are paralysed as rioters are clampdown

Hong Kong protesters clampdown

Transport in Hong Kong are paralysed as rioters are a clampdown

Most of the subway system in Hong Kong remains closed after day care centers and businesses were attacked during violent anti-government protests.

Only the express airport remained open as demonstrators began new demonstrations on China’s autonomous territory.

Managing Director Carrie Lam defended her decision to use extraordinary powers to restore order.

She said Hong Kong has experienced a “very dark night” of extreme violence.

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Fear intensified on Friday after a police officer shot a young demonstrator in the leg.

The demonstrators also called on people to oppose Ms. Lam’s ban on face masks.

The riots in the former British colony began in June, triggered by the delivery of suspected criminals to mainland China.

The extradition law was later repealed, but the protests became pro-democracy and anti-police demonstrations.

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