What Is Common App?

Common App is a helpful college or university online application program designed to help students ( college and university potential candidates) make a multiple admission application to any college of their choice across the world with ease. This online application has been helpful to millions of students since it was designed. With the app’s advanced features college candidates can access the admission portal of world-class colleges and universities and apply for the different programs with just a few clicks. The common application is a property of a non-profit organization called The Common Application Inc. and the organization is manned by a 13-member volunteer Board of Directors which is the top-level body of the organization and this 13 man members are college admission deans and college counselors pulled from their respective schools to make decisions for Common application Inc.

Brief History

The traditional methods of college or university application have been over the years however In the 1800s elite colleges admitted students from different lower institutions using entrance exams in Latin and Greek. University professors were the people who certified students from their respective schools as a basic certification for students from public schools who were applying for colleges or universities then. Almost everyone who graduated from high schools and applied stands the chance of been accepted once they are certified by their school professors. The era of private colleges offering admissions to public schools became a game-changer in the world college and university application. more students from the public school were applying and the school was not enough to accept the high number of students At that time the school administrators were not comfortable with the rate at which Jewish students gaining admission based on merit. So measures were introduced to restrict the number of Jewish students gaining admission by using academic merit.

Columbia University laid a premier legacy by setting up the first modern college application in 1919. The application was a form that requested the following personal information:-

(a) Photograph.

(b) Religious affiliation.

(C ) Mother’s maiden name.

From that moment other elite colleges and universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton followed this step. This development in college admission continued evolving until it eventually metamorphose to Common Application in 1975.

Member Schools Of Common App

More than 100 public universities are working in partnership with the organization including 10 Historically Black Universities and Colleges. Among all these, over 900 institutions that are registered with the college over 250 schools offer zero application fees to the students who want to apply. This is really one awesome thing using the app to apply for college or university.

This app is not designed for profit-making but basically to ease the stress, difficulties, and problems that many college applicants encounter in searching for a college or university of they want to study. With multiple application features of the app, prospective students can apply to multiple institutions at once, therefore, opening a great window of admission opportunities for students across the world. With this app, college candidates do have administration departments of over 900 tertiary institutions which are registered members of the app in their hands thereby saving millions of college candidates and university across the world the stress, time, and cost of finding or searching for a college of their choice. This can be simply referred to as “college made easy”

This online software application which is also commonly called Common App has its major user base colleges, universities, candidates, professional teachers, adults, and parents mainly from the United States, Canada, Japan, China, some European countries as well as Columbian District.

This online application offers extra benefits to college applicants online as the tool is leveraged by millions of students to solidify their chances of getting into the higher institutions without spending all of their free time filling out multiple applications.

The number of universities and colleges joining the common app platform as member school are fast-growing. Just recently over 600 school s from the United States alone have joined as member schools while many many from about 14 countries outside the US have registered their schools with Common App Inc to become a member. The momentum is building up fast and by this, more and more admission opportunities are fast widening up for college and university candidates all over the world.

We strongly advise college candidates who are seeking admission to try the common app and see the difference for themselves.

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The Partnership Deal Between Common App Inc and Member Schools.

Common App partnering with schools around the world to ease the process of granting admission to students has really brought great and massive admission success for many students around the world by easing the problems challenges and huddle student face when searching and applying for admission into the higher institutions and by far extent has also contributed to educational development through the facilitation of the admission process.

However, Students should also know that it is still the exclusive right and prerogative of the respective member schools to grant or reject the admission application of any candidate. The common app does not impose any candidate on its member school and they do not even have such right and do not guarantee any student of getting accepted sampling by applying through the app.

However, the good working relationship between Common app Inc. and the member schools smoothens things for college and university applicants.

Where Can a Student Apply?

The app is an only program and can online be accessed by visiting the website through their official web address https://www.common app.com.This online application offers extra benefits to college applicants online as college candidates can now leverage the online tool to solidify their chances of getting into school without investing most of their time online filling out application one by one you can now guess the amount of time needed to fill more than 800 application, a huge amount of time, energy and money but credit to the developers of this app.

How To Use Common App.

Simply select the account type meant for students and select your choice schools from the huge list of universities and colleges you want to submit your application to and remember that the different schools you apply run their things differently and their process, financial obligation like application fees and the deadline for submission also vary along the line for each school.

Generally speaking apps and all online application programs or software require some technical knowledge in or others to be used effectively to the user’s advantage. For one to use apps or online programs like Canvas learning Management System and social apps likeWhatsapp, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, google site, Tiktok, or Pinterest such user is expected to have a knowledge of how to navigate through the web program in order to be able to access the app and find value in the program. In the same vain students should know how to use the program in order to utilize the benefits loaded in the app fully.

Create an Account.

Create an account with the app by signing up either as a first-year student or as a transfer student or as an Education professional or a parent or adult. These are the 4 different types of account which you can sign up in order to serve you well based on your peculiarity.

The step-by-step students should follow in order to use the app effectively are listed below as follows:-

Step 1: Visit the official website.

Head over to the internet and type in www.commonapp.org the URL of the home age of the site in google or in other search engines. You will automatically land on the home page of the app.

Step 2: Create an account.

The app has 4 types of account which one can create but it all depends on who is creating the account.

The 4 different types of account you can create are as follows:-

(a) First-Year Students Account ;

This account is for students who want to do their first degree courses. They are new freshers In the higher institutions. So if you are just starting out in your higher institution journey this is the right account for you.

(b) Transfer Students Account;

You should create this type of account if you want to transfer from a particular college or university to a new one for some reason. The registration feature of the ap is designed this way in order to organize and manage the application process excellently.

( c) Education Professional Account Or (Practice Account)

The organization understands the relevant role of teachers, counselors in the educational system at large, and as well as their roles in the admission application process. Hence, they designed the app in such a way that advisers, teachers, counselors who work with applicants can try their hands on the same process those applicants go through in order to be able to help them better by their personal experiences. This offers applicants teachers, parents, counselors a good platform to help their students or children.

However, this type of account is solely for practice purposes and will never be submitted to any university or college.


The Common App which an app created by Common App Inc. a nonprofit organization can be utilized by students applying for college or university admission just with ease and just with a few click. They can apply to multiple schools just from the comfort of their homes. To get the best out of common app students must understand how to use it and also make sure they have a general overview of the app as well as complying with the terms of use of the app.

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