Ringling College Of Art And Design

Ringling College of Art and Design is one of the best private colleges in America that has its principal focus on Art and Design and was founded by Dr. Ludd.M on 31st March 1931. The visionary school since its establishment has stood out among other colleges in the country as a destination for students who want to major or study Art and Design at its core. The college was originally created to be a branch or extension of the Southern college but later was separated from Southern college in 1933.

Ringling College Of Arts And Design was first called THE SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ART OF THE JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING ART MUSEUM when the founder Dr. Ludd.M.Sivey Sarasota circus magnet finalized all the plans that lead to the establishment of the college in the fall of 1931.

However, the school name has been changed several times.

History Of Ringling College Of Art And Design.

The desire for a new school came upon Dr. Ludd M.Spivey who was the president of Southern College ( but now known as Florida Southern College of Lakeland) who wanted to muster financial support for his school from John Ringling a Sarasota circus magnet

But at that time Dr. Ludd. M Spivey discovered that John Ringling had the interest to establish an Art school in conjunction with the museum he built-in form of Italian Villa collection of the 17th-century sculpture and Painting.

Ringling was almost broke at that time so Ringling discussed the details of the School that was to be built  with Dr. Ludd .M. Spivey and after much negotiations, it was agreed that a school in Sarasota as a branch of Southern College would be opened and called THE SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ART OF THE JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING ART MUSEUM.

Dr. Ludd .M. Spivey, John Ringing Mr. Kimbrough discuss where the new school was to be located and they decided that the new school will be located on or near the grounds of the museum. They found a vacant property owned by an insurance company and the building was formerly used for a Hotel business called Open Heaven.Renovation work began to make it suitable for the new purpose. The rehabilitation work to make environment academically suitable was completed at the cost of $45,000.The school finally began operation on 31st March 1931.


 Ringling College has the vision to keep making the school a place for most talented upcoming artists, designers and world renounced scholars and the school at it’s best understands that creative problem solvers and crucial thinkers need a unique environment to attain their full potentials and in total pursuit of this vision the school provides their students with award-winning faculty,world-class faculties and professional opportunities to learn and grow and this is what the school called the “RINGLING EFFECT”

The “Ringling Effect” Concept.

According to the College President Dr. Larry R. Thompson “The Ringling Effect can’t be narrowed to one aspect of life at Ringling. No, it’s a confluence of factors that result in the very best conditions for creative development, inspiration, and creative problem-solving.  Our faculty, comprised of award-winning artists and designers who are passionate about their field, lead our students through the best practices in the industry, prompting them to ask questions, think globally, and take big, yet calculated, risks. Our studios, labs, and classrooms empower students to learn by making and doing while developing their professional skills using the best equipment and most advanced technology in the world. Our programs propel students from the classroom to the conference room by guaranteeing the opportunity to have actual, professional client projects for each and every student before graduation”.

This ideology of the School is designed simply to give the best to the students and to get the best from the students in return after some years of academic drill in the college.

How To Apply For Admission In Ringling College Art And Design.

Filling applications for university is easier compare to centuries ago when it is it too hard to do so. You can file in the application to any school through the school’s website.
To access the application portal of Ringling College visits their site through this link here to which is the URL of Ringling Admission application homepage.
However, you can use the Common App and online application platform design by a non-profit organisation called the Common app Inc.to help students to make multiple applications just with few clicks.

Notable  Alumni Of The College Ringling College Of Art And Design.

  • Bret Iwan– voice actor
  • Tim Jaeger– painter
  • Andrew Jones– concept artist and digital “painter”
  • John Marshall– cartoonist of the Blondie comic strip
  • Brandon Oldenburg– Academy Award-winning short film director and illustrator
  • Patrick Osborne– Academy Award-winning short film director and animator
  • David Bromstad– designer, television personality
  • Tim Rogerson– painter
  • Nick Pitera– Singer-songwriter, musician, animator
  • Mike Zeck- comic book artist

Tuition And Fees For 2019 – 2020 First-Year Students.

The following tuition and fees are the financial requirements that first-year students who gained admission into Ringling college are required to pay. Though some may criticize the tuition on the ground that it is not affordable for students whose parents or sponsors are low-income earners but the school’s state of the art facilities and academic standard makes it what while attending.

The fees and tuition are shown in the table below:-

Fees (Matriculation, Student Activities, Health
Services Technology and Board )
Room and board$15,580
Fine Arts Major Fees$270
Health Insurance$1,200
Florida Residence may be eligible to receive the Effective Access to Student Education Grant ( EASE )
Estimated at $2,841

Tuition $ 43,710
Fees (Matriculation, Student Activity, Health Services, Technology) $ 4,260
Room and Board $ 15,580

TOTAL $ 63,550
Fine Arts Major Fee $ 270

Health Insurance $ 1,200
Florida Residents may be eligible to receive the Effective Access to Student Education Grant (EASE) estimated at $2,841.  

Room and Board

Total actual costs per student may vary depending upon housing selections. Room and Board figures above are based on a standard double room in Goldstein Hall, a $400 refundable housing damage deposit, and the 19 meal plan.

Art Supplies and Books

It is estimated that a first-year student will spend an average of $2,500 on required art supplies and books the first year.

First Year Photography & Imaging Majors

Students will need to bring their own camera equipment. Specific recommendations are available on the official website of Ringling College.

Health Insurance

Required unless covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan –fee $1,200 for single coverage.

For further inquiry about fees and tuition click this link to Ringling College tuition and fees website page.

Scholarship Program.

The Ringling college scholarship program also offers a golden opportunity for students who have Ringling College as their dream college to achieve their vision of sharpening their inborn potentials at the college.

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